Who We Are

Our motto, “where others stop, is where we start” is self-defining, we pride ourselves by the black sheep in the heard, because we always look for the extra in ordinary and the above in average to deliver, delightful results to our clients.

We will always strive harder, swim faster and jump higher than everyone else to provide our clients with a premium Eclipse experience.

At Eclipse, our core competency is marketing at its quintessence because we strongly believe that the success of every business is rooted in their adoption of the “Marketing Concept”, where we identify our customers’ needs, anticipate and subsequently satisfy them.


“Our Mission is to provide the highest quality services options to our stakeholders”


Our vision at Eclipse is to be acknowledged as the

  • Business development partner of Choice
  • Experiential marketing company of choice
  • Entertainment service provider of Choice

Eclipse is committed to working with clients to enable them define and clarify their marketing and communication objectives, sieve the information requirements of their audiences and subsequently develop creative and relevant tools to align the two. With over 25 dedicated and experienced staff, Eclipse continuously builds on its capacity to deliver what our clients want.