Events Management

With the events industry comprising though not limited to festivals, meetings, conferences, exhibitions as well as sports rapidly developing and making significant contribution to both business and leisure-related engagements, Eclipse comes as your Number one partner of choice to help clients achieve their objectives through the development and execution of customized, meticulously planned events through an orchestration of our creative and visionary talents with a professional, hands-on-approach to staging well organized events.

Our scope of involvement stretches from event concept development Logistical management, hospitality, interior and external decor management, productions, parties, weddings and Introduction parties/Kwanjula’s… just name it and we will do it!

Events management footprint

  • KCB Bank (Over 4 year as their events management agency): Corporate league, branch launches, product/service launches etc…
  • KPMG/Nation Media: Annual Top 100 awards events 
  • Qatar Airways launch in Uganda
  • Voice of Toro Ekijjaguzo concert
  • Voice of Kamwenge concert
  • Diageo GAME conference
  • Airtel Trade show
  • Coke Gala
  • Nambole Jubilee Prayer celebrations
  • Diageo Africa Conference
  • Kfm/ACODE Public debates
  • Nyagak Power dam launch
  • Executed over 500 weddings & Introductions
  • Foton East Africa (U) Ltd Launch
  • Commissioning of Kalamu House (PKF)
  • Management of The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation workshop in Uganda
  • Ford Foundations’ 50yrs in East Africa Celebration

See our Clients page for more information on our clientele and scope of involvement for various projects (Please note that it only shows corporate clients)